We don’t know what strange journey brought you here, but we are glad to see you. Please take a few minutes, or hours, to get to know us. We are currently installing the smith in which we will be creating worlds and coming up with game mechanics. During its construction, we are taking full advantage of our tavern, where ideas are constantly fermenting, and of our workshops, where magic is born.

Enjoy your visit to Virtys.

About us

Founded in 2012 by five friends of different backgrounds, Virtys is a small independent video game studio located in the province of Quebec, Canada. Our goal is to offer a complete role-playing experience to players with a busy daily schedule as well as to those who value their leisure time. The game relies on an improved asynchronous system, a story inspired by tabletop role-playing and mechanics that offer almost endless gaming opportunities to entertain our players.

Mist Legacy

Our second game, Mist Legacy, is now in production. Follow our progress at www.mistlegacy.com.

Mist Legacy

Therian Saga

Our first game, Therian Saga, has been officially active since 2013 in French and 2014 in English. It has also been translated into 6 other languages. You can access the game by using your browser or our client at www.theriansaga.com.

Launched in 2017, the game is available on the Steam platform. For more detail, visit the game page on Steam.

Therian Saga


We are not looking to hire right now. If you are a contract worker, especially an illustrator, you can contact us at info@virtys.com.

Direction team

François Desrosiers Direction

Direction, producing and design.

  • 1 418 429 8416
  • francois.desrosiers@virtys.com

Éric Bélanger Technical

Programming, design et technology.

  • (please do not disturb)
  • eric.belanger@virtys.com

Mathieu Beaudoin Writing

Scenario, writing, design and community.

  • (call François...)
  • mathieu.beaudoin@virtys.com