Virtys Group specializes in the creation of software offering solutions adapted to very specific fields. The members of the Virtys Group have been active in the software development industry since the 90s and therefore have a wide range of experiences which allow us to create top quality software.

Here is a summary of our main projects, we invite you to contact us directly for more details.


Farseek is a cartographic software specialized in data entry in the field. It can be used both on the ground, at sea and in the sky. What sets Farseek apart from other software is that it is designed for the operator in the field using an optimized drawing system and a minimalist and user-friendly interface.

Farseek is a generic engine that allows the addition of specialized modules according to the needs of our customers.

ICEggs Module : Aerial ice patrol and characterization of the state of water bodies.

SpillView Module : Environmental intervention, ecological disaster management and modeling of spills.

Mist Legacy


Orbite is cloud computing software for addiction treatment resources across Quebec. The software greatly simplifies the work of stakeholders by maximizing the secure sharing of customer information. In addition, Orbite offers a version of the standard certification assessments (IGT, NiDéP, Réso) and a large number of other functions which have been developed in collaboration with our customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free demonstration of what Orbite can do for you.

Therian Saga

Others products

Do you have a software idea or do you think that Farseek or Orbite could be adapted to your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can analyze your idea. You can contact us at info@virtys.com.

Product managers

François Desrosiers Director

Orbite Product Manager

  • 1 418 429 8416
  • francois.desrosiers@virtys.com

Éric Bélanger Director

Farseek Product Manager

  • (1 418 661 9017
  • eric.belanger@virtys.com